Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dima and "Let the Little Things Go" Cover Art

While touring with BAT in the 90s, I met my share of characters. Dima Drjuchin is one of very few I've managed to stay in touch with.

Around the time I launched Vending Machine in 2000, I asked Dima if he could do a t-shirt for me. In typical Dima fashion he agreed without hesitating, and sent me these incredible drawings a few days later. For various reasons (that all had to do with money) I never got the shirts printed, but I've had these designs pinned above my desk ever since.

Not surprisingly, he went on to be a successful artist, designing Father John Misty's amazing debut, among other things. Like me, he puts out his own records. Unlike me, he also actually gets t-shirts printed.

When “Let the Little Things Go” was coming together I sent Dima a rough edit and asked if he'd be interested in doing the cover. Not only did he say Yes (of course), he designed and laid out the entire package, adding a previous piece to the inside, art for the CD itself, and even a limited-run 13x13" poster.

Every time I look at this record and Dima's work, I can't think of a more perfect visual way to have brought the Vending Machine story full-circle.

Thanks, Dima!

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