Monday, February 23, 2015

Commercial Appeal Review of Let the Little Things Go

Vending Machine
Let the Little Things Go
(Shoulder Tap Records)
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Over the course of five albums, Big Ass Truck/Mouserocket singer-songwriter Robby Grant has indulged his quirky, left-field pop sensibilities via the mostly one-man, home-recorded project Vending Machine.

Grant’s sixth album under the moniker continues in that vein, adding a new multimedia component — the gorgeously illustrated CD/LP package comes courtesy of Russian-born artist Dimitri Drjuchin, and he plans to release videos for each of the album’s seven tracks over the next couple months at

Recorded over the past three years, Grant's latest packs a remarkable number of ideas and sounds into the brief 20-minute running time, from folktronica to industrial pop to lo-fi roots-rock, all of it played out on a collection toy keyboards, ancient drum machines and effects-laden guitars.

There’s a kind of sadness at the core of the songs. It is, in fact, a breakup record of sorts; Grant has said he intends to say goodbye to the Vending Machine conceit after this album. Let the Little Things Go serves as a perfect swansong then: a low-tech, high-concept journey through Grant’s nimble musical mind. —Bob Mehr

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