Saturday, August 06, 2011

Memphis Flyer review of Mouserocket's Cicada Sounds plus download code discount

If you haven't got it yet, you can get Cicada Sounds here. Use 'flyeraug2011' to apply 20% off to the download and/or the artwork.
Full review by Chris Herrington here.

While the Lost Sounds are a definitive part of Trout's musical past, her present is partially represented by another new release, Cicada Sounds, the latest from Mouserocket, a local band in which Trout showcases her more melodic side in partnership with co-bandleader Robby Grant (Vending Machine, Big Ass Truck).

With cellist Jonathan Kirkscey — also a Lost Sounds vet — adding a sonic signature, Mouserocket might be the city's most polished, reliable, and self-assured pop-rock band right now, and this brief album — eight songs in just under 30 minutes — adds further evidence.

Trout explores parenthood and domesticity more than ever before, subtly on the opening "I Can't Keep My Hands Off U" ("Dishes, dishes go away/Smash them all and make them pay/I used to run from here to there/Now you are my everywhere"), more directly on the sweet "How to Say No."

Cicada Sounds is particularly heavy with Trout-led tracks, but Grant remains in fine form. His "Take More" starts as a nimble, gently psychedelic tunelet and evolves into full-on surging rock that could be tweaked into a Foo Fighters song.

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