Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vending Machine's Favorite Things in 2009

Here's a quick countdown of the stuff (mainly music) I was into this year:

I listened to this mix way past summertime. Basically whenever it rained. Iain Matthews cover of "These Days" is tops. I'm also trying to talk Mouserocket into covering Buchingham & Nicks' "Long Distance Winner". Maybe we'll wear robes or something.

I read somewhere that they assembled this record from practice recordings.

237. Primer
I guess I'm late to the game on this movie (it came out in 2004). Ran across this on Netflix - Watch Instantly. It's one of those movies that's over before you almost figure out what happened.

Another record that came out a long time ago that I just heard for the first time this year. Was lucky enough to go see their final show in Cumberland Caverns (thx Winston) and haven't stopped listening to the record since. My favorite lyric: "my father came in from wherever he'd been and kicked my shit all over the room".

I obsessed over this book - so much so that an unnamed friend and I recorded a song called "Phil's Nickels" - listen here. It's told from Spector's perspective as he is finalizing his divorce from Ronnie Spector. (Don't play this one for the kids)

A great intro to a band I didn't know much about. Me and the kid covered "Anything Could Happen" in July at the Rock N Romp:

233. Eddy Suppression Current Ring and Magic Kids
Lumping these together only because they both have records out on Goner. I couldn't get enough of Eddy Suppression Current Ring's "Which Way to Go" from the second I heard it. I love the guitar playing.

Saw Magic Kids a few times this year. Every show was great.

Video of them playing in the rain:

Backyard party:

232. Dan Deacon at the Hi-Tone
Strangest and most surprising show I saw this year. I really like his last two records as does my oldest kid. I took him up to grab dinner while they were setting up and Dan Deacon graciously gave him a t-shirt and poster.
Five meets Dan Deacon

I went back later for the show and saw this:

231. Story from North America
Just watch it.

230. Sunday's on
Starting at 10am with JB's "Fistful of Records" show, WEVL's lineup is top notch. Other shows throughout the week are really good but the Sunday lineup has solidified over the past year (which coincides with when we can listen at the house). Heard Bob(by) Darin's 1970's record on JB's show. Another one of my favorite things from this year (check out the long pause before he grabs the harmonica):

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Vending Machine Christmas Songs Available for Download

Happy Holidays!

For the month of December we are making our original Holiday songs available for streaming and download. Download them at Bandcamp now (they're free but pay if you can).

Here's a quick rundown of the songs:

christmas magic mistletoe (*new this year*)
The best way to get mistletoe is get a boat and with a shotgun shoot to the top of the trees.

christmas limbs
Blinded by the North Star and then a transformed into a Christmas Tree.

wot is nog - w/Shelby Bryant
Have you ever wondered what is in egg nog? Old jelly rolls? Christmas lights? Find out what else!

santa and the mellow double guitar solo
What happens when santa gets back from delivering all the toys? It's simple, a huge elf party with santa playing a double guitar solo all by himself.

candy powered sled
A kid buys a sled from an electronics store at the North Pole that's got some cheap fuel.

fly on christmas dragon (with the yellow house singers)
Santa needs help. Someone call the Christmas Dragon.

Download from BandCamp!

You can also get "Wot is Nog" via iTunes, Amazon or Emusic.

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