Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Songs 2008

I just posted the Put a Quarter in the Christmas Vending Machine EP for this year.

You can download all the songs here.
Pay what you can (or not)!

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Limbs
Vending Machine

the north star
shined so bright it blinded me
and I ran into a christmas tree
and it fell right on top of me
i stood up and my

arms were branches
hair was tinsel
and feet were presents with bows
now you know

my eyes turned christmas lights
fingers changes to ornaments
when i got scared all my pine needles fell out
and the kids shout

they said help him
my future it looked grim
go my whole life needing a trim
that's when one kid grabbed me by my limbs
and took me inside

cut off my branches
pulled off the tinsel
opened my presents as shoes
now they do

peeled off the christmas lights
broke off all the ornaments
now i could see the star
that blinded me when I got here
and they all cheered

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Show next week! Vending Machine and Harlan T Bobo

Wed. Nov 26th 10pm!
Vending Machine with Harlan T. Bobo at the Hi-tone Cafe

A Vending Machine video:

A Harlan video:

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