Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Do You Hear? Robby Grant

By Bob Mehr (Contact)

Monday, September 8, 2008

mp3 of interview

Music writer Bob Mehr asks notable Memphians about their musical firsts and favorites.

This week: Robby Grant, founder of Big Ass Truck, and a member of Mouserocket, Vending Machine and the Ultracats.

What’s in your CD player, iPod or turntable at the moment?

That new Fleet Foxes record, the new Barbaras seven-inch, this old Flying Burrito Brothers greatest hits, and also, I just found XTC’s White Music, and have been listing to that a lot.

What was the first record you bought and where?

The first cassette was probably New Edition or Run-DMC’s King of Rock. The first CDs were Jimi Hendrix Live at Winterland and Ramones Mania.

What was your first concert and where?

The first concert I couldn’t see was Chuck Berry at the Mid-South Fair: I was too short. The one I was tall enough to see was Night Ranger at Mud Island.

If push comes to shove, what would you say is your favorite record of all time?

Probably, the Sly Stone record There’s A Riot Going On. There’s a home recorded quality to it, but a lot of personality in the record, which I love.

What, if anything, do you sing in the shower?

I’m either listing to NPR or WEVL. I like John Beifuss’ show, so whatever he’s playing usually I’m singing.

If you could be any musician, living or dead, other than yourself, who would it be?

David Byrne, mainly ‘cause he’s coming soon (to play in Memphis) so maybe he’ll read this and give me front row tickets to his show (laughs). Him or David Bowie; they’ve both had great careers doing what they want to do.

What’s your party jam? And your chill out record?

Lee Perry’s Chicken Scratch; no matter what the party or situation, people really dig it. Chill out record, I always go back to a Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mouserocket! Gonerfest! Saturday Night September 27th!

Mouserocket is playing Saturday night at Gonerfest:
Other bands on Saturday night:
Pierced Arrows
Static Static
Box Elders

Full schedule on the Goner site

Gonerfest, like all great things in this world, happened by accident. In 2005 Goner was releasing albums by King Khan & BBQ Show (their first) and King Louie One Man Band and scheduled them to play a friday and saturday night in January. Soon bands - including the Black Lips - wanted onto the shows, and we had 3 days worth of music . Just the bands would have filled the venue, the Buccaneer, which holds maybe 70 people, but people started planning trips from around the world to see the music that we'd lined up and also as an excuse to hang out in Memphis. When I saw a renowned Italian record label head hoofing it down seedy Cleveland Avenue at 10am one morning, I knew something was going on. We had 200 people in the bar, outside the bar, and roaming the streets of Memphis enjoying music, beer, and barbecue for a perfect, if sweaty, first Gonerfest.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Vending Machine Video for "Worms That Glow" Live at WEVL

Thanks to John Markham and Michael Norris at archer malmo for shooting and editing this video of the Vending Machine appearance on WEVL's "Memphis Beat" show.
Don't forget - Vending Machine live this Wednesday September 10th, 2008 at the Hi-Tone with Liam Finn.

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