Monday, March 31, 2008

Show this weekend and muxtape

Hey - we're playing (second)this Friday night at the Hi Tone with Antenna Shoes.

Also - I made a muxtape. Take a listen.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Vending Machine at Shangri-La - Saturday Afternoon March 22nd, 2008


"Pre-Party" Afternoon Bash! FREE SHOW starring

* 2:00 pm: Jump Back Jake
* 2:45 pm: Ultracats
* 3:30 pm: Vending Machine
* 4:15 pm: Noise Choir
* 5:00 pm: Perfect Fits
* 5:45 pm: Warble

Check out for more details!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Memphis Flyer and Commercial Appeal Top 10 lists

Hey - this is kinda old news, but King Cobras Do made a couple of year end lists. Check it:

Memphis Flyer:
2. King Cobras Do — Vending Machine (Shoulder Tap): Where so much indie rock this year (ha — "this year") felt insular, Robby "Vending Machine" Grant's King Cobras Do is instead cozy. It's a home-recorded gem that takes domestic intimacy as its great subject: His son contributes free-associative lyrics; his toddler daughter is the subject of the delicate "Tell Me the Truth and I'll Stop Teasing You"; his wife gets a tribute on "Rae" that includes images of "dancing in the den" and memories that are palpably lived-in ("Remember when our room was just a bed?"). Even the house itself gets into the act with "Good Old Upstairs," a song about the attic studio where King Cobras Do was created. -I
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Commercial Appeal:
5. Vending Machine, King Cobras Do (Shoulder Tap): Memphis music scene mainstay Robby Grant (Big Ass Truck, Mouserocket) delivers his fifth solo effort under the Vending Machine moniker, and it proves his most entertaining exercise in left-field pop yet. A charmed collision of styles and sounds, its 12 tracks refract everything from '50s doo-wop to early '80s Australian pop through Grant's skewed kaleidoscope. - Bob Mehr
Read the rest of the top 10 - Commerical Appeal

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