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Show this Monday Night - April 9th

WHEN: Monday April 9th at 9pm
WHERE: Hi-Tone Cafe - Memphis, TN

Vending Machine is playing with The Wallendas (featuring our bass player, Grayson) this Monday night at the Hi-Tone. We're playing first around 930pm. Come early.

Who are the Wallendas?

The following may or may not be true about the Memphis band known as THE WALLENDAS:

· Members of THE WALLENDAS play with (or have played with) the Panther Burns, Reigning Sound, Gun Club, Big Ass Truck, Harlan T. Bobo, Pump Action Retards, Vending Machine and Alex Chilton.

· THE WALLENDAS are complete social outcasts whom you do not want to encounter in a dark alley.

· The lead guitar player is in it for the tunes only and has a secret intense dislike for the other three.

· THE WALLENDAS aim to resemble “the Lovin’ Spoonful on meth.”

· THE WALLENDAS are in the middle of writing and rehearsing a mini-rock opera about life in midtown Memphis, tentatively titled “Baby I Hate Your Pants.”

· The bass player is the ladies man of the group and may or may not hit on you at their next gig.

· THE WALLENDAS have been together for about six months as of this writing. (Feb 2007)

· During the recording of THE WALLENDAS’ first demos, their recordist, Chuck Vicious, tore open his shirt, screamed “I have no son!” then tumbled down the attic stairs.

· The rhythm guitar player/songwriter gets inspiration in equal measure from people he meets/hangs out with, and people on mid-afternoon “judge” shows. Sometimes he finds the two groups interchangeable.

· THE WALLENDAS once took a field trip together to catch a midget-tossing contest. (Okay, poor choice of words there.)

· The drummer REALLY likes midgets.

· THE WALLENDAS hope to have a full-length record done by the end of this year.

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